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Boston Diva Productions is a production company founded in 2007 by Eliza Dushku. Dollhouse will be produced by Boston Diva Productions, and Dushku will have a producer credit on the show. The other production companies involved in Dollhouse are 20th Century Fox Television[1] and Joss Whedon's Mutant Enemy Productions.[2]

Dollhouse Edit

The official Boston Diva-description by Eliza Dushku states:

To me a Boston Diva can be anyone, anyhow, anywhere. It’s a way of thinking and being not just a native necessity! In my life Boston has always represented an absolute cultural melting pot, a playground of personalities. That’s also how I describe my “Dollhouse,” as you may hear in upcoming soundbites. Somehow Echo and I ARE related![3]

Notes & References Edit

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