Bradley Karrens (portrayed by Michael Hogan) is a Rossum shareholder who is close to his nephew, Terry Karrens. He sought the aid of the L.A. Dollhouse, hoping to revive his nephew.

Background Edit

Bradley Karrens is a Rossum shareholder who sought the aid of the Dollhouse to revive his nephew after Terry had been hit by a car while crossing the street. He apparently knows about Terry's mental condition, his involvement in the abductions of several women and had bribed a judge into freeing his nephew. Adelle and Topher eventually discover that Terry has a brain similar to those of many infamous serial killers. During Terry's interrogation (Terry had been imprinted into Victor's body), he distracts the Dollhouse staff by disconnecting one of his comatose nephew's medical cables and escapes with Terry (in Victor's body). Terry escapes by slamming Bradley's head onto the driver's wheel and survives the car crash unscathed. Bradley is left injured.

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