The following category serves as a list for all sidebar templates that are used by the Dollhouse Wiki to display a standardized block of text on certain types of articles, which can often be identified through the individual template's name. As this is a specifically named subcategory, only sidebar templates (which are often, if not always aptly named as such) should be listed within this category, with any that do not belong to this category being listed removed. The pages listed below should also be sorted by the template's name and not the namespace they are stored in (example: CharacterSidebar, not Template:CharacterSidebar), which can be done through the use of proper sort keys. This is done to allow users to find a particular template with ease, as the sidebar templates (and most other templates on the Dollhouse Wiki) are often named after their intended usage (CharacterSidebar for characters, CrewSidebar for actors, producers, directors, etc.., Dollhouseepisode for individual episodes, etc...).

Pages in category "Sidebar Templates"

The following 2 pages are in this category, out of 2 total.

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