Professor Edmond Gossen (portrayed by Arye Gross) is a client of the Dollhouse who fantasizes having sex with one of his students. Paul Ballard describes the engagement and Echo's imprint as Kiki Turner as "the sex fantasy of an egg-head academic who can't get one of his real students to sleep with him".

Background Edit

Edmond Gossen is a college professor who teaches Medieval English literature. He purposely gives Kiki a failing mark in order to discuss Chaucer's the Wife of Bath with her in private and in the process, seduce her. He first flatters her by stating that the main character of the story, Alison, can be seen in Kiki, who takes interest in him. During the engagement, he makes Kiki realize her power as a woman and compares Kiki to Alison. Kiki is eventually replaced by Terry Karrens when Topher attempts a remote wipe and consequently, Victor and Echo switch engagement identities. Gossen is stabbed in the neck by an enraged Terry who becomes aware that he is in a female body and Gossen is left bleeding. Terry leaves in Echo's body and Boyd rushes to aid a bleeding Edmond Gossen.

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