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You may be looking for an imprinted personality of a similar name, Emily Jordan.

Jordan is an imprinted personality used on the Los Angeles Dollhouse Active named Echo at the behest of Bill Zarella. Jordan acted as a replacement backup singer for Rayna Russell while covertly also acting as a bodyguard when the singer was being stalked.

Fictional HistoryEdit

Born in South Boston, Jordan got a chance to hit the big time when a backup singer for Rayna who was nearly burned to death by a sabotaged fire bud. After passing the audition with flying colors, Jordan quickly ingratiated herself with the starlet, and soon oddly protective of her (unbeknownst to her, this was a result of subliminal conditioning.)

However, Rayna secretly wished to be killed onstage, to end her career prematurely by quite literally going out with a bang. When Jordan stopped a sniper from killing her, an infuriated Rayna fired her.

Shortly after, Rayna's contest-certified "#1 fan" Audra was kidnapped by the sniper, who demanded that Rayna meet him or he'd kill the unfortunate girl.


Jordan was designed to be a back-up singer who would be subliminally protective of Rayna. She also has a certain amount of defensive skill imprinted into her.

Trivia Edit

  • After Jordan tosses the photographer over the railing she says "I'm a Southie" a reference to Eliza Dushku's character Faith from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, who is a Southie a resident of South Boston. Jordan's attitude is similar to Faith's also.
  • After Rayna Russell fires Jordan from her backup singers, her retort is remarkably similar to a line by Faith as she argues with Buffy in "Faith, Hope, and Trick":

Jordan: "You can fire me, but bitch, don't think you can take me!"

Faith (to Buffy): "Wow. Think you can take me?"

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