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Olivia Williams

Olivia Williams

Olivia Williams portrays Adelle DeWitt on Dollhouse. She is known for her movie roles, including The Sixth Sense, Rushmore and X-Men: The Last Stand.


Williams was announced as a cast member on April 3rd, 2008.[1] Joss Whedon described her performance: "And I'm lucky because I have an amazing cast - people like Olivia Williams. She plays the woman who runs the Dollhouse or as she herself has said, 'I'm British, of course I'm a villain!' And it's so easy to play it as a villainous part and Olivia Williams is enormously sympathetic and has a great sadness so that every time she does something actually terrible, she makes you feel sorry for her. And every time she does something surprising decent, she'll do it in a very snarky fashion. And [her performance] sort of embodies that duality..."[2]

Notes & ReferencesEdit

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