Roger is an identity taken on by Victor when he is hired by Miss Lonely Hearts, who is actually Adelle, to be her boyfriend for a day every so often. The two enjoy fencing together, and Roger has stated that he wants to run away with her. Roger is aware that she is the head of the Dollhouse but not that he is a doll, and he knows her by the name of "Katherine". Roger comforts her when she finds out Laurence is an NSA spy. Adelle later came to the realization that she doesn't need Roger anymore and will no longer imprint Victor with him. (A Spy in the House of Love)

Around six months later, Adelle is seen sleeping with Victor as Roger again as Victor's contract is about to be up. He breaks up with her, saying he's in love with another. Victor/Roger doesn't know it, but it is actually his love for Sierra shining through the imprint that makes him break up with Adelle. (Stop-Loss)

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