Selena Ramirez was a Handler employed by the Los Angeles Dollhouse who oversaw Victor as well as general assignments at the behest of Adelle DeWitt.


Selena Ramirez was one of the two handlers dispatched by Adelle DeWitt to kill Echo should she fall into the wrong hands. (S1: "Gray Hour")

Selena was on leave when Victor was accused of raping Sierra, at which time the active was handeled by Bricks. (S1: "Man on the Street")

Selena transported Victor who had been imprinted with the Roger persona to the Miss Lonelyheart's engagement, After an exchange with Echo who was returning from an engagement, Selena was struck with a whip. Roger also make a joke that Selena keeps romance novels in her vehicle. (S1: "A Spy in the House of Love")


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