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As of today, October 27th 2010, I am the proud owner of the Rossum Corporation domain name. The old site has been down for quite a while now, but I have now put up a page explaining that the website is down due to a fire at the corporate office. I had thought about developing content ahead of time, but there was a chance I would be outbid on the domain name so I held off on everything other than the new logo (which is similar to the one used toward the end of season 2, but there are some differences); but now that its mine expect to see some new content here fairly soon.

I'm kicking around a few ideas with what to do with it. I do plan to keep it primarily an in-character website, but I may add some hidden areas for some extra content. I also have two really special ideas which I wont spoil by revealing here, but keep an eye on the site - cool new stuff is on its way!

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